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There's a reason almost 70% of buyers pick up this new revolutionary upgrade that's designed to help you do nothing but..
There's a reason almost 70% of buyers pick up this new revolutionary upgrade that's designed to help you do nothing but..SELL-SELL-SELL!

Buyers immediately recognize how powerful this package is.

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Messenger Marketing Whitepaper
($67 Value)
White papers are a fantastic way to pre-condition prospects to buy your services.

This professionally written white paper is what we send clients to demonstrate our expertise and credibility when it comes to Messenger Marketing.

This white paper will definitely help you seal the deal!
5 Of Our Highest-Converting Email Templates
($47 Value)
You'll be able to pick up for your Auto Pilot Agency forms faster than ever before using our proven high converting prospecting email templates.

Our templates are proven to convert!

Use these templates to turn on a steady stream of qualified prospects right in your inbox.
5 Messenger Marketing Social Media Posts
($67 Value)
More Power Here! These professionally-written direct mail sales letters just plain work!

They're a great way to follow up with prospects. Presents you as a top pro to Local Business Owners.
3 Messenger Marketing Hot Sheets
($47 Value)
Content That Sells! These Hot Sheets can be used on your website, or printed and handed out at networking events.

No writing - no effort.
4 Client-Attracting Blog Posts
($47 Value)
Professionally written lead magnets. 
Awesome Bait Pieces!

Use as opt-in bait for your autoresponder or use as content on your website or FB pages!

It's content that will help sell your services.
We're Also Including....
The Number #1 Service We Sell as an Upgrade to Messenger Marketing
You Get Everything You Need to Succeed...

Module 1
How to Talk to Businesses About Social Media Management

- Understanding what you’re offering
- Avoiding common mistakes
- Crafting your USP
- 10 selling points you need to know and use

Module 3
Power Prospecting

- Identifying your ideal client
- Crating your prospecting message
- Using social media to prospect
- Using Direct Mail
- With networking groups

Included at NO CHARGE!
Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme ($197)

-Initial Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme Setup (4 Videos)
- Social Sumo Authority Agency Website Setup (10 videos)
-See Demo Below

Module 2
Pricing & Service Packages for Maximum Profits

- Determining your pricing
- Creating Your Service Packages
- Sample Contract
- Other Services for profit
- Raising your rates

Module 4
Delivering of Your Social Media Management Services

- Client On-boarding
- A Word on Deliverables
- Social Media Content Creation Guidelines & Resources
- Hiring a Content Writer (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

Templates & Worksheets Included

- Startup Business Checklist
- Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet
- Rate worksheet
- Sample service packages
- Sample contract
- 2 Sample proposals
- Ideal Client Worksheet
- Prospecting Message Worksheet
- Social Media & Email prospecting templates
- Postcard & letter templates
- On-boarding templates & intake form
- Social Media Resources
- Sample ad for hiring an outsourcer
See How Easy Our Theme Is To Use
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We're Giving You ALL The Shortcuts
Imagine how different your business will be when you're getting fees like this...
Just imagine... You'll follow a proven Social Media Marketing blueprint Step-By-Step in this completely New and unique training course.

While we've been doing Social Media Management for years, we hadn't built a training course around it. 

Finally, here's your chance to get our secrets!
It also includes a treasure trove of checklists, forms and the latest marketing materials.

In Social Sumo you'll learn:
  •  "The Talk" that sells the service
  •  Positioning your offer so its unique to you
  •  The 3 Criteria That You Can Target
  •  Using the SOLID GOLD Checklist
  •  The 7 Questions you MUST answer for a winning USP
  •  Our 3 best, tested and PROVEN ways to sell it.
  •  Attract the best 'money in hand' prospects to YOU (instead of your competitors.) 
  •  Ten Most Important, Easily Overlooked Selling Angles 
  •  Don't step in it! Biggest Mistakes To Avoid.
  •  The one powerful element missing in almost every Social Media Mgmt offer. (Add this and you could easily DOUBLE your client signings)
  •  Little-known shortcut for Creating your elevator pitch (Elevator Pitch Worksheet)
  •  Creating The Most attractive Service Packages (sample packages)
Super Charge Your Results with This Exclusive Auto Pilot Agency Power Pack...
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